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Introducing the Handexer™ Hand Dynamometer, the easiest way to measure grip strength.

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We designed the Handexer Hand Dynamometer to be easy-to-use, whether you are a physical therapist testing patients or a fitness enthusiast testing your personal best.
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With increments of 0.2 LB (pounds) or 0.1 KG (kilograms), you’ll get a precise measurement of grip strength. The backlit digital display makes it easy to see the results.
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We manufacture our hand dynamometers with the highest quality standards. Each hand dynamometer carries a 2-year warranty.
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Designed in California

We listened to physical therapists, medical professionals, fitness enthusiasts and everyday people to determine the most important features in a hand strength measuring device.

The result is the Handexer™ Digital Hand Dynamometer, designed in California with exactly the features you need.

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